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Why RF Linx?

RF Linx specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative professional grade WLAN amplifiers. Having developed many firsts in the wireless LAN amplifier industry and offering products with unparalleled features RF Linx is your source for the very best in WLAN amplifiers.

Antennafier™ Bi-Directional Amplifier Competitor Comparisons

Category RF Linx Brand X Comments
True Power Output as Advertised YES Not Always Some competitors exceed the 1dB compression point of their amplifiers to reach the advertised power output. This creates unwanted noise and shortens service life.
Band Pass Filtering in every Antennafier™ YES Not Usually We believe narrow band filtering is key. See our typical Selectivity Plots
TX Low Pass Filtering for harmonics YES NO It appears that in an effort to bring cheaper amps to the market filtering is completely ignored by most. We believe that it is impolite to spread unwanted RF outside of your band so we filter the TX side as well.
Channel Filter Options
We offer fixed and tunable channel filters
YES NO No other manufacturer offers the inherent filtering or channel filtering options that we do. In today's noisy RF environments you must use filters to protect your desired signal from unwanted spurious noise.
High performance TX/RX detector that won't false trigger YES NO Some manufacturers use a weaker design that can easily be false triggered into TX mode if another amplifier is nearby or a strong RX signal is received effectively shutting down your system. We incorporate a unique RF detector with built in hysteresis to ensure proper TX/RX sense accuracy.
Premium High Quality FET's used in TX and RX YES NO We use only the best FETs on the market with exceptional reliability. This allows us to offer the best warranty on the market.
Rugged & Weatherproof Outdoor Assemblies YES NO Outdoor products are either encapsulated with potting compound or sealed with 1B73 Conformal Coating. In addition all hardware is Stainless Steel. This ensures extend outdoor service life in harsh environments.
Lightning Damage specifically covered for 2 years (OEM items 1yr) YES NO No other manufacturer specifically lists lightning damage protection under their warranty and most specifically denies coverage for this type of damage. We repair or replace lightning damaged equipment under warranty.
RF Stable Circuit Board Materials used in all amplifiers YES NO We are aware of no other competitor who uses the more expensive RF stable board material like we do.
Best Warranty - 2 years from date of purchase (OEM items 1 yr) YES NO Our competitors only offer a 1 year limited warranty that does not include guaranteed lightning damage repair or replacement. We offer a 2 year warranty that includes lightning (OEM models 1 year).
Built in lightning protection in every model YES Sometimes We include ¼ wave lightning protection in all our amplifiers.
Various models and feature sets from Basic OEM PCB assemblies to Premium Units YES NO We continually strive to offer one of the broadest model lineups with the most advanced feature sets and performance options. Our engineers have military project experience and know how do build it right.
Technically Trained Sales & Support Staff YES Not Usually We maintain a technically trained sales staff with background and advanced training in enterprise level networking, wireless networking and system support. Although this is not required to sell amplifiers we feel it helps the customer get the right equipment the first time around.
Customers can speak directly to Lead Technicians YES Not Usually We often have customers speak with Lead Technicians and Technical Sales Staff to assist in their purchasing decisions and for field support of our product. Our Technicians have US Military technical backgrounds or other advanced education in their fields.
Customers can speak directly to RF Engineers YES Almost Never Many of our competitors don't even have engineers on staff or won't make them available for customer questions and support. Customers having difficulties can often speak directly with our engineers.
No Minimum Order Requirement YES Sometimes We value your business and want to earn it $1.00 at a time. Some of our competitors require a $100.00 minimum order and then won't drop ship to your job site.
Designed & Manufactured in Cincinnati, OH - USA YES Not Always Some competitors do only a final production stage in this country to claim US production.

Guaranteed Quality

All RF LINX products are manufactured and thoroughly tested with modern HP test equipment at our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our manufacturing personnel are trained to IPC-A-610 CLASS 2 qualifications and experienced in RF and Digital circuit fabrication. We are dedicated to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. In our experience, that's the difference that makes all the difference. We offer an Industry shattering 2-year warranty and 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee.