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Digitally Tunable Antennafiers™ for WLAN, WiFi, WiMax, and ISM Band Wireless Networks








The Tunable Antennafier™ is a digitally tunable bi-directional amplifier that incorporates our exclusive Tunable Technology™ making them the most advanced and reliable Wireless LAN Bi-Directional Amplifiers available. 

Our Tunable Technology™ allows the user to select the optimum RF settings by adjusting the amount of automatic gain controlled TX and fixed RX gain to achieve repeatable transmision quality from link to link despite variables that would challenge other amplifier brands.





Each  Tunable Antennafier™ consists of a low noise receive amplifier (LNA) and a spectrally clean transmit amplifier (PA) which significantly improves operating range and link quality.

Digitally Tunable Antennafiers™ are currently available in 2.4GHz, 700MHz, 915MHz, 4.4-4.9GHz, and 5.1-5.8GHz. 





  • Available in various bands ranging from 700MHz to 5.8GHz
  • Digitally Tunable via USB using our Windows GUI or Command Line Interface
  • Fully Adjustable TX power and RX gain in 0.1dB increments
  • Digitally Tunable Ultra High Q Channel Filtering in some models
  • Various Form Factors - OEM to Outdoor Configurations
  • Built in RF Power Meter and Amplifier Diagnostics


Custom modifications and new design services available.  Please inquire with our Sales Department for details. 

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